Our land has a rich variety of Mountain Fynbos, Birds and awesome rock formations. Leopards, Klipspringer, Duiker, Vaal Rhebok, Dassies, Lynx, Tortoises, Porcupines and Baboons share the mountain with us. Also to be found are lizards, skinks and other smaller mammals.

Birding, hiking, mountain biking, star gazing. There are hikes and strolls. Unspoilt bushman paintings are easily accessible. For the more active there is a hike down to a Wild Olive grove where some of the trees are estimated to be hundreds of years old.

For the Mountain Biker the road to Mountain Mist is 15 kms long and rises over 650 metres.

Our guests can enjoy the exclusive use of the “bush pool” fed by the pure water of a mountain stream. Our drinking water has been tested as being some of the purest in the country.

With the lack of rains the Western Cape has experienced this winter, the West Coast Wild Flowers are flowering early. Visitors to the Sandveld need only take a drive on any of the gravel roads around the farms to experience the carpeted display of Spring Flowers.

For most of the year the area is a neutral tone of dusty brown broken only by the scattering of cattle.

After the winter rains have sunken deeply into the earth and the sun shines brightly, this area explodes into a kaleidoscope of colours where tiny little flowers form carpets of pink, yellow and white which are accented by the backdrop of the emerald green wheat fields.

Mountain Mist is situated above the heart of the Sandveld, overlooking the West Coast. Vistas extend from Langebaan lagoon, across to Paternoster, Britannia Bay and the whole of St Helena Bay, the biggest bay in Africa. Flowers can be viewed on most of the sand roads in and around Aurora.