Fynbos is a unique vegetation type found on the southern tip of Africa. It is one of the smallest floral kingdoms of the world with over 9000 species of plants found in a small area like nowhere else on Earth. Roughly Fynbos is divided into a relatively small number of plant groups, and is easily recognisable. The main plant groups are Protea, Erica, and Restios. The remaining and diverse plant groups make up the rich and abundant balance of the veld. Amongst others plant families, the bulbs, which flourish in our winter rainfall area, are spectacular, dainty and abundant, making a stark contrast to the sometimes harsh landscape.

Whether you are the discerning Plant enthusiast or the average person who would enjoy the wonderful variety of plants, at Mountain Mist, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Fynbos Protea flowers are in full bloom August – November, however, all year round, you will find a floral delight. The higher slopes of the Mountain are lined with Othonna parviflora or Bobbejaankool large displays of Serruria or spider head proteas, Aulax cancellata, Protea lorifolia, many Leucadendrons species showing off their brilliant colours, Muraltia, Droseras’ or sundews, the shy Hermannia, Moraea bulbs begin to make an appearance, alongside Sparaxis, Iris, Babiana, Gladiolus, Romulea and Orchids to name a few special plants.

There is resident Horticulturist at Mountain Mist, who has taken great pride in making lovely little gardens for you to enjoy, by defining the mountain and keeping it natural.

(Permission is needed to gain access to the Mountain as it is not open to “day trippers and is private property)